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All You Need to Know About Contacts | Eyes Now

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Contacts provide the ease of clear vision without dealing with traditional glasses. Certain individuals find contacts to be a better alternative to glasses as they provide a wide range of benefits. Check with your optometrist first before switching and investing in a pair of contacts.


Do you find your confidence lacking because of the plastic sitting on your face? Wearing glasses can affect self-esteem if the wearer is not used to hiding behind a frame. Another benefit of switching to contacts is that it allows makeup wearers to showcase their skills without smearing products due to frame fiction.

Problems with glasses

Keeping up with glasses can be a hassle. They are easy to break and easy to lose. Making minimal changes to your lifestyle like switching to contacts saves you the trouble of dealing with dirty, scratched up, or foggy lenses.

Active lifestyles

Active individuals might also find contacts more convenient to wear than traditional glasses. Wearing glasses while exercising can get in the way of performance. Between sweating and trying to keep the frames on your face, glasses can be a safety hazard. Contacts are safer for athletes since it is one less thing to worry about. The great thing about the right pair of contact lenses is that you can set and forget.

Universal technology

 There are a variety of options available to accommodate different patient needs. Patients with Astigmatisms have the option to choose between gas permeable lenses or special soft lenses that allow the eyes to breathe. Gas permeable lenses let your eyes breathe comfortably as oxygen travels easier through the lenses. However, some people find soft lenses to be more comfortable as they’re a lot thinner and comfortable to adjust to. Many patients require a follow-up appointment for contact fittings to ensure the perfect pair has been prescribed. It may take a couple of tries but that is perfectly normal.

Cost and maintenance

Nowadays, contacts are a lot more affordable than they used to be. A year’s supply of contacts can cost as much as a brand new pair of sneakers. Maintenance is a breeze if you’re interested in daily disposable lenses, wear once a day and toss them out before bed. For basic contact needs, disposables are usually the best option. For long term, an extended wear contact lenses allow you to wear them for up to 7, 14, or 30 days (depending on the prescription). For extended wear contacts, you must pair with a contact solution and a case to keep the lenses hydrated and clean. 


Bifocal lenses contain two lens powers while Multi-focal lenses contain two or more lens powers to help you see an object at all distances. Eyes can become fatigued from adjusting focus. The tiredness of eyes while reading is a common problem many people face as they get older. One might find it difficult to focus on words as you move across a page. The option of bifocal contacts can be helpful for patients who have nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Ask your local optometrist about the right options for you. Convenience is key when it comes to investing in contacts. Only your doctor can prescribe the right lens design, size, shape, and fit for your eyes. Eyes Now offer lens fitting appointments and competitive pricing for contact subscriptions, schedule an eye exam online, or through the phone.

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