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Pediatric Eye Doctor: How to Pick the right Ophthalmologist

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You’ve probably asked yourself “how do I pick my eye doctor?”. Well finding the right pediatric care for your child is probably very important to you… and it should be. The process of finding a doctor you trust can be timely and stressful, luckily in this article we will give you a roadmap to finding the right pediatric eye doctor for you!

But first, lets label out when and why you must take your child to see the eye doctor.

When should you take your child for their first eye exam? 

Have you been debating when to bring your child in for an initial eye exam? We advise scheduling a thorough eye examination for them at 6 months of age, age 3, and every year after age 6. (when the visual challenges from school become more intense). The optometrist will evaluate their eyes using a child eye exam chart that is suitable for their age.

Common Eye Issues for Children?


Eyes that are twisted, crossed, squinted, or sluggish are all examples of strabismus. When the eyes are twisted, it is called strabismus. If one eye is straight, the other may point upward, downward, inward, or outward. This may be present constantly or intermittently. It could exist from birth or develop later. The vision in the rotated eye does not develop normally in infants and young children with strabismus. Strabismus does not go away in children. Early intervention is key to treatment success. Options for treatment may include glasses, patches, exercises, surgery, or a combination of these.


Because it is not obtaining a clearer image than the other eye, amblyopia occurs when one eye becomes lazy. Strabismus, refractive error (incorrect focusing power), ptosis (droopy eyelid), and cataract are the most frequent causes of amblyopia (clouding or opacity in the lens). It can result in severely impaired vision if left untreated. Patching and/or spectacles are two treatments for amblyopia. When treatment is initiated at a young age, vision can frequently be improved.


A obstruction in the glands of the upper or lower eyelid causes a chalazion, a tiny swelling of the eyelid. The eyelid may enlarge, become red, and occasionally contain yellow slime. At any given time, your child may have several chalazia on their eyelid, in either one or both of their eyes.Visit your primary physician with your child, who will recommend a starter regimen. You must see an ophthalmologist if there is no improvement after receiving treatment for three to four months.


If the duct that transports tears from the eye to the nose becomes blocked, epiphora, or wet eyes, may occur. Most of the time, blocked tear ducts resolve on their own, but if this doesn’t occur within a year or if recurrent infection becomes a concern, a minor surgical operation can be required. It is a good idea to get an eye exam because watery eyes can have other causes besides blocked tear ducts.

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How to find the best pediatrician for your kids

1. Ask for Recommendations

Your loved ones are the best people to turn to while looking for a reputable eye care provider. Find out where your friends and family take their kids in the neighborhood by asking them.

2. Call to find out what your child’s examination will include 

Calling an optical shop is a fantastic method to find out who can offer the treatment your child requires. You can inquire about any additional matters to make you feel more at ease with your choice, such as what to anticipate during your child’s eye exam.

3. Ensure the optical provider accepts your insurance 

Double check that we accept your insurance by calling. Eyes Now accepts a variety of different insurance but the best way to know if yours is accepted is to call. 

4. Research their Credentials 

Unless they are comprehensive and up-to-date, falsely advertising a given degree of education, certification, or other medical credentials is a serious offense. Unfortunately, some people advertise inaccurately in an effort to win your business.

When selecting an ophthalmologist, always check their board certification. You can do this online by going to the American Board of Ophthalmology website, the ABMS website, or by phoning those organizations directly. The phone numbers for the American Board of Ophthalmology are 610-664-1175 and the American Board of Medical Specialties is 1-866-ASK-ABMS (275-2267).

Use your search engine to confirm any studies they mention participating in or publishing, if applicable.

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6. (Bonus!) Book your Exam at Eyes Now 

We have a trusted team of doctors here at Eyes Now that are ready to give your child top quality service and examination in one of our state of the art clinics, use the button below to book your appointment today!

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